Zari, like many celebrities, has been the victim of people sharing their opinions of what they think of her decisions and actions. I use the term victim loosely by the way. Zari, however, has come to understand one truth that is supreme; no one is responsible for your happiness but you and she is strong enough to know that Zari is not going to be happy listening to what others think she should be doing.

Zari addressed her decision to get braces and the fact that some of her “shemejis” felt she was being extra because she was fixing her teeth and only children and teenagers should fix their teeth (an on this one, like her, I feel people were just being dumb).

Anyway, Zari fired missives at the naysayers in a rather dope way because she not only toild them off but also kicked wisdom. Below is what she said about those with opinions on how others live their lives:

About some years ago I started wearing my braces. ‘Majirani’ said i was too old its for kids below 15 (talk about ushamba, wanajifanya wajuaji yet they dont know sh***🙄🙄…🤣🤣). Anyways next month I’ll be taking out my braces and whitening my teeth, thanks to my orthodontist (I know majirani, it’s hard to pronounce). Soon I’ll be smiling like Moral of the story, dont let pple decide how you live your life, do what you want, what suits you, your lifestyle and so on coz you and you alone is living your life when the Lord calls that day. It’s you alone and non of these social media doctors, teachers, lawyers, life advisors will bail you. LIVE YOUR LIFE AS YOU PLEASE BUT WITH PRECAUTION 
That said, argue with your keyboard am somewhere sipping champagne 🍾
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