Zari has been caught out with her new boy toy. She was out partying with her new boy toy, a new edition of King Bae and the internets went crazy. You see, she was having a blast and many were happy for her now that she has found a handsome young man and the prayer was that she would forget about diamond Platnumz.

So what happens now that people know who he is? Well, they begin to stalk him and post his images all willy nilly. And bloggers begun to plaster his face anywhere. No, really, he went from being an obscure boy toy to being plastered all over the place. And now Zari wants everyone to back off.

She shared the following post asking guys to back off:

Compliments of the year and hoping y’all enjoyed the season. May i request tupunguze namna mnafatilia Cedric Its out of line with the level of stalking you are doing. I’m your person not him. Lets not cross the line. Santeni sana*,