Zari has done what many celebrities both locally and abroad in the west can only dream of… She has amassed 7 million IG followers.

And she is celebrating the fact but what you should do is ponder it. She has no talent to boast and her sole claim to fame is having been with two high-value males: Diamond Platnumz and the late Ivan Ssemwanga before him.

Zari took to IG to thank her followers, fans and haters alike by saying:

Thank you so much for 7million i really do appreciate you my followers. You are my MVPs.
To some who think i buy followers you should try it. Instagram has very strict regulations especially with verified pages that if you do, they will delete your account instantly. That said, keep the love flowing. Love you back 10much🥰💕 POST YA SHUKRANI 💕 Asanteni sana kwa 7Million .. nawashukuru sana nyie followers wangu, nyie ni watu Muhimu sana kwangu na pia ni Vipenzi vyangu. Kwa wale wanao thani ninanunua followers .. na nyie jaribuni pia. Instagram ina masharti makali, haswa kwa page zilizokua verified, ukijaribu kukiuka sheria zao account yako inafutwa mara moja. Pamoja na hayo, endeleeni Kunipenda , na mimi nawapenda sanaaa sanaa pia mara kumi zaidi 💕