Weh! You have to love the life Diamond Platnumz seems to lead and the lives his women fall into when he is done with them. The simply stay jostling for position in his legacy. If East African ever take to producing biopics, we have to start with Diamond Platnumz’.

Zari’s first famous boyfriend (before Ivan Ssemwanga) finally weds his true love

i mean, who would ever have dreamt of Zari getting in line to fight for Diamond’s legacy? After the way she spectacularly left him on Valentines Day with a black rose message, to how she has consistently denigrated him, it is just unthinkable that she would be outchea talking about legacies yet here we find her. Even as she chest thumps and declares she has moved on to bigger and better with King Bae.

Did he leave his wife for her? New photo of Zari and her manager raise questions

According to Zari, she won the trophy when she landed King Bae and she has since then been comparing Diamond rather unfavourably to King Bae even at one point referring to her dog by Diamond’s other moniker, Simba.

Yet here she is fighting for his legacy for her son Nilan. During the young lad’s birthday, in a post she shared on social media, Zari referred to Nilan thus:

Ooopsy Daisy, your lil man Riaz Nasibu Abdul the First aka Prince Nillan just turned 3💙.

And this has raised my eyebrows indeed. It should also be remembered that both Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna named their son after their father Diamond.