Zari, the chairlady of Kamati cha Watu wa Roho Chafu, will be happy to hear that her prediction on the fate that awaited Tanasha Donna might actually have come to pass. You see, Zari had predicted that Tanasha wouldnae be able to change Diamond Platnumz’ nature and as a result, he would end up leaving her a single mother.

Zari and Tanasha Donna

‘It’s the same cycle’ Zari mentally prepares Tanasha to be a single mother

And indeed, history does repeat itself and it seems the lightning has struck Tanasha Donna following Diamond Platnumz pulling a move that millennials are all too familiar with when it comes to the demise of their relationship; he has unfollowed Tanasha Donna.

And I am sure alot of old foggies do not think this means much but when you’re in modern relationships, social media “follows” and “likes” mean so much -especially to members of the fairer sex. So when you see a guy unfollow his lass, things have gotten thick. That is precisely the situation Kenya’s Tanasha has found herself in.

Tanasha still follows Diamond Platnumz
Diampnd Platnumz has unfollowed Tanasha