Zari Hassan is one of the few women who never lets trolls get away with their malicious comments.

Just like Akothee, Zari always has the right response for trolls who come for her or her family.

Now, not so long ago, Zari made the headlines after a video went viral of her together with her ex-husband’s friend, Butoto, kissing her on the chic as she called him baby. Many have concluded that they are indeed in a relationship, something that none of them has confirmed.

Well, one of Zari’s followers has questioned her on when she will get herself a husband after she dumped Diamond, who has been linked to many women.

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The follower who goes by the name mc_kamodian wrote,

“Hivi Zari huna mpango wa kutafuta mme mwingine wa kuzeeka nae!?”

Zari was not going to let that slide as she had the perfect response.

She replied;

“@mc_kamdian mme wangu sio wa social media… ni mme WANGU sio WETU.”

Zari is among the few women who are not ready for trolls to bring them down based on their opinions on what they think she should live her life.

After her split with Diamond, Zari has stood her ground and focused mainly on her children, her life and running her business.

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