Zari Hassan is clearly the bosslady, with the way she carries herself with so much grace. Even though she has been linked to scandals and controversies, she has always known where she belongs.

Her lifestyle is admirable and one thing we love about her is how she works for her own mulla. Running an institution with more than one branch is not a joke because students are trusting your college to give them the education they have paid for.

The mother of five is a slayer in her own way and her style is quite unique and outstanding.

If you follow her on social media, you will notice that her photos are always well taken, capturing her beauty. But one thing we’ve noticed is her latest photos that are oozing nothing but raw sauce.

She looks like a model who’s been posing for years. Makeup well done, outfits well fitting, just to mention a few things we’ve spotted.

Zari Hassan/ Instagram

Team Mafisi would die to have a few minutes of her time or even floss that they know her or that they’ve interacted with her. But Zari is all about that hustle and taking care of her family.

Well, check out her latest photos that are dripping sauce all day;

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