Zari and Diamond

Zari just got married but she cannot seem to STFU about Diamond or her past with the man. I cannot understand why people get married and still keep flapping their gums about their ex. And that goes equally for Diamond. You dated, it ended, we get it, you’re both hurt but for the love of God shut up and move on.

Atleast when he rants about Zari, we get hit songs like Kanyaga.

This time around, she decided to give an interview to Millard Ayo about her relationship with Diamond and this time she gave even more details of how the relationship ended. Who would have ever dreamt she had more information to give?

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Apparently, she rejected Diamond’s marriage proposal because it was not coming from a place of love but rather the fear of what his cheating scandals would do to his image and brand.

According to Zari, when she found out about Diamond’s child by Hamisa Mobetto, his first reaction was to try and force a reunion between himself, the child, Zari and their children together. She refused because she was still smarting from his betrayal. Without missing a beat, Diamond asked to marry her so his haters wouldnae have anything to gossip about and Zari refused.

Check out what she had to say about that in the video below: