Zari is showing off the fact that she had money and she used alot of that money on renovating the house she alleges she bought.

Turns out Zari lied about buying new house, proof surfaces it is leased

It should be remembered that Zari Hassan came into money when her ex husband, the late Ivan Ssemwanga met his death at the hands of a cardiac arrest and Zari was put into the board of his companies in trusteeship of his sons.

Zari came into money and still continued to live her ex man, Diamond’s house up until recently when she moved out and into a new digs.

Let us take a virtual tour of Zari’s new house

Zari has announced that the renovation of this house cost her 1 million Naira or 68 million Kenya shillings. She basically claims to have spent the same cost it would take to buy a house to renovate her house…