Zari has had a man with washboard abs -Diamond. And Diamond is the type of man any woman in her right senses would want. He is young, he is good looking and he has the body you only get after chiselling it at the gym.

Ako Mombasa na mchumba mgani? Zari shares video of herself with mystery man

But Zari was there, got the t-shirt and the children to boot. But she decided to end the relationship on Valentines Day, 2018 with a poetic post of a black rose which was then spoilt by a long-ass Proverbs-esque chapter of a breakup mention.

Anyway, Zari seems to have decided to love whoever the hell loves you back so that is precisely what she did with King Bae. Although, the fact that she chose to share the photo of a potbellied man shows us that she has been sharing silhouettes of different men. Anyway, it would seem that she is currently enjoying the modern urban proverb of mwanaume ni mfuko, six pack wachia pombe.