Jesus Christ of Nazareth knows that Zari’s relationship is a huge topic of conversation. And she recently told us that King Bae had died when a fan came out to enquire about the state of her relationship.

Lufwere Nyasaye akhulinde! “King Bae is dead” Zari reveals

Now it would seem she has been posing for photos and keen eyed followers on IG have noticed she doesn’t have her wedding band on. If anything, she has replaced it with a huge gemstone ring.

Why is this worth noting? Well, because of the assertion from some like myself that there never really was any marriage. When a woman is widowed, it ordinarily takes a while before she removes her wedding band because in this case death robbed her of her marriage. But when a woman is done with a man, she loses the ring pronto.

What do you make of this?