Tanasha Donna is done ignoring all the haters and naysayers who have an opinion about her man and her womb. Everyone from Zari to Hamisa has shared their opinions on her relationship with Diamond and while for the most part, she has tried to rise above the petty fray, this time she has decided to address the noisemakers.

Hamisa Mobetto

Bado anampenda Diamond Platnumz. Hamisa Mobetto betrays her jealousy for Tanasha Donna

Taking to her IG account, the otherwise chill Tanasha Donna signalled a departure from the person we have become accustomed to who is more than willing to turn the other cheek.

And really, who can blame her? She has been fed a steady diet of vitriol disguised as advice from Diamond’s ex-wife, Zari Hassan.

‘I don’t know her’ Zari talks about her relationship with Tanasha

Check out what Tanasha had to say below: