South Africa based Ugandan tycoon, Ivan Ssemwanga- who is Zari’s ex and baby daddy to her three boys- was shocked when he learnt of the news that his estranged wife, Zari The Boss Lady is pregnant.

The funniest thing for Ivan according to BigEye, who has been touring Africa and ignoring her children, is that she is an old woman who may not manage the stress that comes with bringing a life into the world.


Ivan’s comment’s come after Zari’s new boyfriend, Diamond Platnumz revealed that one of the women in his life was pregnant and a junior version of him should be expected in a few months. He shared a scan showing an embryo growing in a woman’s body.

The public was quick to say that the woman is Zari. The public could be correct based on what has been going on between Zari and Diamond. The two spent a good number of days in each other’s arms in a Kampala hotel before heading to Serena Kigali for a good number of days.


What is even more surprising is that Zari has three children already with Ivan and the two had agreed never to bring someone else into the world. Ivan finds this interesting because it shows that Zari can’t think of her children first, before anyone else.