Zari has been rather sleek with her posting of the man she refers to as King Bae. She has coyly refused to post his face, only posting his body. The unfortunate thing however, is the fact that millions of Tanzanians have been doxxing him and they realized that she was at some point posting multiple men because the skin tone would change as would shape and size of his chin.

She then switched up her photo game and only took to posting her King Bae from the chest down. Zari still posted about him and gave him alot of praise but now she was smart enough to use the same guy.

What she forgot however, is that the millions of people invested in finding out just who King Bae is hadn’t diminished -if anything, the number of people wanting to doxx him had grown.

Tanasha Donna Diamond

Diamond reveals what he will give Tanasha’s child that he couldn’t give Zari’s

That is what brings us to this point: just who is King Bae. Zari recently osted a new photo of her man and trust that the keen-eyed of her followers soon found out that she had been posting photos of her South African manager, Anthony Galston.

Great work at doxxing done by UrbanNews254 who saw the pattern of the suit and realized that Zari’s manager had attended the same event she was at and worn the same suit. This to the astute means one of two things:
1. That Zari is dating her manager
2. There is no King Bae and this was all a ruse…