Zari is not a happy camper after her networth was revealed on Google to be in the region of 8 million dollars. That translates to 828,720,000.00 KSHs but that valuation has only drawn her ire.

Zari who is usually more involved and invested in insulting her ex Diamond Platnumz is now more focused through her lover/ manager/ King Bae or whomever he is in her life, Galston Anthony at Google.

When he saw this post his response was a scathing one indeed. Zari’s manager came out with all his guns blazing and pistons firing and I would like to imagine that he also had a frothing mouth just for good measure and he took to his keyboard and typed this out:

Google??!? How did u come to this blatherskite of a conclusion without even consultinc me or any of Zari’s wealth management. How in the world is @zarithebosslady net worth at just $8.8m, know for dayum sure as her manager I clocked in much more than that 2019 alone for her. 7 figures fc sure in 2019!! You forgot about Her college BCC in South Africa, it’s at least net worth’s at $20m, properties in Uganda including the hotel she is building $4m, properties in SA $4m and so much more. I think u took her 1st born son net worth and put it as hers by mistake @google u need to rectify this, Get it right. #networth #Zarisnetworth View all 107 comments zarithebosslady Preach bro, what an under estimation. Smh

Not to be outdone, Zari jumped into his comment section to share her agreement with his sentiments.

I am just glad to see Zari has fully owned the success Ivan Ssemwaga left for his sons. What female empowerment.