The respected OG, Khaligraph Jones has given in to the pressures of the public.

His fans are always propagating their beef with Octopizzo on who is the Kenyan hip-hop king. Both have severally mentioned in interviews that they have no beef, saying it is usually social media clout.


Khaligraph made it a bit more clearer after posting a freestyle on his page where he is rapping about his days as a thief so if you try and diss him, utajua ni mazishi!

Right after that, he addresses ‘the beef’ with Octopizz who he refers to as Ohanga.

“Na mi sina beef na Ohanga. Ohanga hunitaki kwa nini, mbona usifanye track na mimi tu top hizi charts za Mjini, after that I would be happy amini. Sitaki interview za gazeti , maswali za ufala hazileti , mimi huomba kama ndingi wa Nzeki, GOAT kama Ronaldo na Messi, nani mwingine kama mimi (hakuna), mafuta napaka Marini…”Khaligraph raps

If they do agree to get together for a collabo, this will be a lit one. They will have closed 2020’s biggest surprise.

Papa Jones concluded that he will be giving his fans and haters hits back to back.

‘Send me money!’ Khaligraph tells Bahati to pay up for defending him on national TV


From Next week, We are Dropping Bangers Back To Back , Its that Trapping season again, Hope Yall Ready. 2020 we flex different. #respecttheogs

It is just a few days and 2020 looks like it is going to be an interesting year for the Kenyan music industry.

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