Diana Marua and Bahati’s daughter, Heaven is growing up so fast. The best part is, the more she grows, the more she resembles her mother.

Baby heaven is turning two today, Valentines day.She is a heartwarming child, born into the life of celebrities and reality shows. She already has her own set of fans.


Heaven impresses her fans with her adorableness.

She is actually a child of the public eye, who has amassed 200,000 followers on Instagram, and she is just two.

Majesty’s younger sister is already a brand ambassador to various products. Honestly, she can already tell a success story at her age.

We see much of heaven on social media and on their reality show, Bahati reality, she is probably already used to all the cameras.

Even her first birthday was quite epic, though she may not at all remember it. Bahati and Diana went all out to make their daughter’s day. At the age of one, Diana Marua could not believe how far her daughter heaven had come.

Diana is obviously proud to call heaven her daughter. Sometime last year, she wrote heaven a very cute letter saying;

dear heaven, you are a conqueror, a warrior

Moreover, not to forget, they are married and so it is a happy valentines for them too.

Happy birthday Heaven

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