Comedian Senjee

Kenyan content creator and comedian Sylvia Savai is appealing for help from well-wishers to raise at least Sh12 million for specialized treatment in Atlanta Georgia.

Senjee revealed that she has been battling a condition called Endometriosis which causes her body to paralyze on the right side every month. 

“She is battling a condition known as Endometriosis which is causing her to paralyze on the right side of her body every month during her menses, which has caused some of her organs to fail. She has to undergo two surgeries,” read an update from her.

The comedian needs two surgeries that have been scheduled for June in the US.

“She needs specialized treatment in the US which is supposed to take place in June 2024.

“The treatment estimation is Sh12 million and Senjee needs your help, the poster read. 

The comedian went on to confess that Endometriosis has been giving her trouble and it is high time she looks for a permanent solution. 

“Well, your strongest soldier is here😊. Endometriosis has won over me, sad but such is life😊.

“I'm a little bit scared but mostly anxiety is doing a number on me... For those who've been following my journey since last year, it's been decided that I'll possibly undergo two surgeries scheduled in June that will take place in Atlanta Georgia.

“I'm seeking financial help and mostly your prayers to get through this😢..well I'm scared but najifanya tu vile siogopi,” she confessed. 

She added; Lately I've been unable to create content because most of the time I'm sick, sometimes I just can't get out of bed and do anything.. it's stressing me out but Im holding on to hope, because I know I'll emerge a winner...

“Please for anyone who can spare a coin for my treatment, I will appreciate your effort 🙏🏾❤️,”.

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