Diana Marua with her fiance Bahati
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Celebrity couple Kevin 'Bahati' Kioko and Diana Marua have raised concerns on their socials about their toddler not being able to converse in Swahili despite the fact that he is born and raised in a Swahili speaking nation and household.

The couple through their socials shared their woe highlighting that their soon to be 5-year-old son Majesty could not structure a sentence in Swahili.

In a video posted on Diana's Instagram account, the mother of 4 who also doubles as a content creator and brand influencer announced that they were on their way to their son's school for a teacher parent conference as her hubby drove.


She went on to ask her husband, former gospel singer Bahati if he had any issues that he wanted to raise once they got there opening up the pandora's box.

"It is consultation week really, it is basically getting to know progress ya mtoi wako how he or she is catching up with their studies alafu pia sisi turaise concerns that we are having with our kids," Diana Marua started off. 

She went on to ask Bahati what his biggest concern was with their son's educational life stating, "Utauliza mwalimu swali gani? (What question will you ask the teacher?)"

Majesty Bahati, Bahati and Diana Marua
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Responding to this, the 'Abebo' crooner voiced his disappointment over his son's inability to speak a word in Swahili, noting that was the most important conversation he wanted to have with his teachers.

"Why doesn't my child know Swahili? Why does my son only speak in pure English?" Bahati dramatically said as he drove. 

Concurring with her partner Diana exclaimed saying, "Majesty! Majesty! Maajesty does not know a Swahili word! He doesn't know anything at all"

The video raised a lot of reactions from Kenyans with most wanting to know how the house helps converse with the young boy while others poked fun at the couple noting that their son's English was highly questionable as they compared his command of the language with other celebrity kids.

In the full video posted on Diana's YouTube channel Bahati revealed his first born daughter Heaven was a little bit better as she could understand and converse slightly in Swahili but she still had a long way to go. 

"She speaks Swahili as if she is from the UK," Bahati stated. 

Later on while at their kid's school, the couple tried encouraging their son to try saying some Swahili words but he couldn't.

"Waambie habari yenu. Waongeleshe Kiswahili," Bahati eagerly told his son who appeared not to understand a word his father was saying.

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