Our kids nanny has a diploma-DJ Mo brags

DJ Mo revealed they have 3 house helps with 1 who has a diploma set aside to tutor his 2 kids

Size 8, Ladasha Belle, Dj Mo and Muraya Jr
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In a recent interview with former Kiss FM radio host turned digital content creator Oga Obinna, celebrated Disk Jockey DJ Mo gushed over how far in life he has come and how great he and his family have right now.

The gospel entertainer revealed that they have 3 house helps that help run their homestead with one specifically set aside to tutor the kids.

No, that's not the interesting bit. The kids nanny/tutor has a diploma. IFor those always gushing over Ladasha's (DJ Mo's first born daughter) beautiful grammar and command of the language now you know why she's that great.

While speaking with Obinna and recounting how well put he is financially at this stage of his life Mo revealed that he and his wife, gospel artist Size 8 have three house helps, each with specific tasks they are mandated to do.

"We have three house helps. Kuna wa house chores, kuna wa watoto, na yeye ni teacher wao specifically.

Our house help ako mpaka na diploma, ni mwalimu like ni mwalimu wao lakini bado ni house help. Hafanyi kitu nyingine. Na kuna wa kuja daily," the entertainer divulged. 

Which loosely translates to;

The Murayas
The Murayas

"Of the 3 house helps there is one for house chores and one specifically for the kids. The kids nanny is also a certified teacher like she has a diploma. She does not do anything else around the house, and lastly there is one who comes daily," 

Mo counts this as a huge blessing owing to the fact that he didn't have it this good back then.

The father of 2 recounted how when he first met his wife Size 8 she was living in a penthouse in South B, and he was living in Githurai 44, but she would visit and do house chores for him.

"Alikuwa anakuja, anaruka hio mtaro iko home, anaosha vyombo, anafanya vitu na siz yake, nikirudi napata food wamewacha hapo, nikaskia roho yangu inachemka bana, na unajua ni nani anafanya hivyo, she was a big star, kiburi ameshusha, nguo nilikuwa napack napeleka kwake zinafuliwa,

(She would come, jump over the ditches at home, do the dishes and clean up with her sister, when I get back home, I would find cooked food they'd left for me and I'd just feel my heart burning.

Mind you know she was a big deal! She was a star then but she had humbled herself. I would pack my clothes and take them to her house to be washed)," the father of 2 revealed as he walked down memory lane.

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