Dj Mo with his wife Size 8
Image: Instagram

Dj Mo says he paid dowry for Size 8 before they moved in together and started a family. The couple, who share two kids have been married for years now but it was not easy at the beginning for Mo.

Speaking to Oga Obinna on 'Obinna Show Live,' Mo said he had done everything to contribute towards the Ksh 150K dowry he paid.

"Unajua mtu hamalizangi, nilikua nimechanga karibu nianguke chini, ilikua kama 150. I went and did the traditional weeding."


'But something that helped us is because her mother loved me, she told her, hao watu wengine achana nao, this one person is going to be something."

Mo added that they announced to the public that they had gotten married months after the ceremony. This was even before Size 8 announced she had moved to the gospel music industry.

Mo said he first told former NTV presenter Antoneosol that he liked Size 8, who later went to tell her "Unajua ule jamaa anakutaka?"


Mo said Size 8 laughed it off "Alicheka akaanguka chini akainua miguu." 

The deejay said at the time, he had nothing to his name and would only become friend with his current wife. At the time, she would open up about her life.

"The people who wanted her romantically were very serious people, with money."

He added "I used to send her 100 bob airtime and feel like I have achieved a lot."

Mo said the good thing was that Size 8 wasn't asking him for money as she was signing big cheques.