DJ Mo with Size 8
Image: Instagram

Size 8 can be found experimenting with recipes and cooking when she is not preaching the loud but not angry gospel singer said in a recent interview.

This past weekend, her husband Dj Mo amused Kenyans with videos of his Saturday activities. The deejay was a member of a close friend's bridal party and went viral after dancing with Jackie Matubia.

They were dubbed the best wedding team members due to their delightfully coordinated actions.


At the time she was ministering, according to Size 8, while he was at the wedding.

"Ye ako kwa wedding, mi nihubiri iniili, tumekatana mara mbili," she told of her whereabouts.

Many online users tagged her in the footage of Jackie and Mo dancing. Size 8 revealed this in an interview with YouTuber Vicki Vikinah, who asked the Gospel singer 30 questions about a variety of topics.


She said that she does not follow Kenyan rumours in the media.

Vicki urged Size 8 to pick between Andrew Kibe and guru of rumours Edgar Obare.

Size 8 gave it some thinking before stating that she does not like any of it.

"I don't watch gossip pages," Pointing an accusing finger to stop KOT from Moshene, Size 8 continued to say, "Gossip is a sin so I don't watch gossip pages. gossip is a sin," she repeated her stance.

Without marriage, her husband, and her kids, she cannot survive.

"Marriage is work. Don't enter thinking it's a walk in the park, the same way you put work in business, is the same in marriage. it's an enjoyable thing with Jesus."

What does she appreciate and find annoying about Dj Mo, her husband?

"I love my partner because he is very protective of us, me, wambo and Muraya Jnr. I also hate the fact that he is very protective of us, the fact I love it but at some times you hate it."