Dj Mo with Size 8
Image: Instagram

Gospel singer Linet Munyali aka Size 8 has emphasized that she always prays before engaging in coitus with her husband DJ Mo.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, the mother of two revealed that she usually makes her prayers silently in her heart before the love session begins.

She noted that prayer helps to keep marriages healthy as the devil always aims at every opportunity to destroy the holy union.

"Yes, I always pray. What you do, you pray with the spirit, that is, in your heart you have to pray. Because one thing the devil hates is marriage. At that time you are not married, there are not many problems, but once you say 'Yes I do,' the problems start here and there," Size 8 said.

The preacher revealed that prayer before making love helps couples to do the act and enjoy it as it should be enjoyed.

Size 8 said, since God created love, couples should get used to seeking guidance from him whenever they want to enjoy the act.

"It is always good to invite the holy spirit so that you can enjoy it as well. Because who made that thing, if not Jesus. It is God who made that act, invite him to help you do it the way he made it and you will enjoy it," she said.

Earlier this year, the gospel singer revealed that she always prays before they have physical intimacy.

Speaking on Diana Chacha's YouTube channel, the mother of two revealed that she always prays for her desire to have sex when her husband wants it but doesn't feel ready.

She also revealed that before diving into the bed game, she usually prays for her husband DJ Mo for the strength to satisfy him as he would like.

"When he comes, I hold him and say 'Father in the name of Jesus' (He doesn't know). I always tell God to give him strength, I want to hold on," he said.

The preacher noted that she usually makes those prayers without her husband knowing.

"I always pray in my heart and say to God, 'God, Father, give this man strength, you are the one who created this act, Father, the way you created it, I want to enjoy it the way you saw it,'" she said.

Size 8 made it clear that she always asks her husband to be able to satisfy her so that she never has thoughts of going out of marriage.

DJ Mo, for his part, said that when he was on his way home, he also prays to God, begging him to give them a good time.