Betty Bayo
Betty Bayo

Gospel singer Betty Bayo has called out fellow 'Oh Sister' cast for assuming she has been married twice after she introduced her husband to them.

In the Maisha Magic reality show, Bayo said she has only been married once; to the man she is currently with.

Bayo said she did a traditional wedding with him and are about to do a white wedding.


"I am not a divorcee, I was never married twice," she said

She went on to say that Kabi WaJesus has in the past referred to her as '310'

" I am married, I have a handsome man but the only thing you can relate with me is the ex. I believe even in your house, what you don't use, you put it in the trash. The only people who go back to the trash are mad people."


Size 8, Kabi Wajesus and Shlaver apologized to her.

Betty Bayo was dating Pastor Victor Kanyari before their split.