Kabi WaJesus with Milly WaJesus
Image: Instagram

The WaJesus family were in a heated argument in the last episode of the reality show 'Oh Sister'

This is after Kabi WaJesus hugged and held onto Niccah The Queen's waist before complementing her.

"You have worked on that waist, I can feel it even when I touch it," said Kabi

Reacting to his actions, Milly said " You have done that a lot. You did that with a make up artiste and now you're doing this Nicah. You keep telling me to loose weight and now you are complimenting other women's waist."

"The first time you did was in public and was a very similar scenario."

"You tell her the things that you I have been struggling to achieve, even when I work out or do the gastric balloon procedure, nothing will ever make you happy."

Size 8 asked Kabi to apologize to his wife as his remarks were not appropriate. 

Responding to his wife, Kabi laughed it off before accusing his wife of addressing the issue in public "I didn't hold her, I just touched her like the hug touch," he said

"I didn't think its serious," said Kabi