Diana Marua finally addresses why she's yet to reveal daughter's face despite 1Million YouTube mark

Diana had promised she'd reveal Malaika's face upon hitting 1 million subscriber on YouTube

Diana Marua Bahati

Digital content creator and budding musician Diana Marua has finally addressed why she's yet to show Malaika's face to the world despite making a promise to netizens. 

Addressing the subject during a recent conversation she had with her husband Kevin 'Bahati' Kioko and their toddler Heaven on her YouTube channel Diana acknowledged that she would reveal Malaika's face but after meticulous planning.

This is after Heaven broached the subject with her mother arguing that it was unfair that she could not have fun with her sister, who has to be left at home almost all the time, for fear that the public might see her face before Diana unveils it.


"I want to have fun with her. I don't want her staying home all the time, all the time she is staying at home even when we go swimming. I miss her when I go to school, I want people to see Malaika. She is always bored waiting for us to come back.," Heaven whined while addressing her mom.

Reiterating his daughter's remarks, the father of 5 asked his lover why she had lied to her loyal fans highlighting she had promised to do a face reveal upon hitting 1 million subscribers which she did but is yet to show off their adorable bundle of blessing that they welcomed last year.

Diana B and Bahati's kids Heaven, Majesty, Malaika, Morgan
Image: Instagram

"Be faithful to your followers. You promised you would unveil Malaika's face after you reached 1 million followers on Instagram.

I am tired of hiding my child. I cannot even go with this child to the mall," Bahati said  reminding Diana B of her promise and his eagerness to start going out with their baby.

"I have a plan and a strategy. I have to package her well," Diana explained herself trying to get Bahati to see her reason.

The musician toying with his wife, threatened to reveal the toddlers face himself if Diana B didn't do it as he wanted the world to finally meet Malaika Bahati.

"Do not try to show her face, why do you do this to me? Let me go with what I am planning. Malaika is my last baby. I have to do this," the brand influencer said pleading with her hubby not to interfere with her plans. 

To this, a shocked Bahati disclosed that he wasn't yet done with the chapter pleading with his wife that he wanted another child.

"You want to get another child? It won't be with me." Warned an agitated Diana Marua still adamantly voicing that her baby will be unveiled only when everything is up to per with her wishes. 

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