Elodie Zone: Lots of people wouldn't struggle much with mental health if they had a pet

Digital content creator and mental health advocate Elodie Zone
Image: Instagram

Digital content creator, influencer and media personality Elodie Zone has started stabilizing and slowly getting back to her old self after the series of unfortunate events that rocked her first quarter of the year.

One of the biggest issue that the mental health advocate was battling was homelessness due to her apartment bringing in a policy that restricts tenants from having pets within the premise.

And as Elodie has made clear over the years, she and her pet dog Maxxie are inseparable. Her love and loyalty towards Maxxie saw her being rendered homeless as she was not willing to give up her best friend.


Now that she has found a  new apartment, and job with a steady source of income the 27-year-old has a few words for Kenyan landlords and their policies. 

"Finding an apartment that accepts pets has been a real struggle. Pets help in stabilizing the emotional well-being of young people and, in turn, help fight depression," started off the digital marketing strategist.

She went on to emphasize the importance of apartments allowing their tenants to have pets highlighting some are more than just animals and actually harbour so many benefits for their owners.

Elodie Zone.
Image: Instagram

Elodie maintained it was also important to have affordable housing that did not require citizens to break their arms and legs so as to be able to rent a house that can accommodate them and their pets. 

"I feel like that is something young people should actually consider, a lot of people would not struggle much with mental health if they had a pet that helps with emotional stability and routine.


Also housing that is affordable that allows us to have pets, it is not complicated," added Elodie candidly. 

The content creator went on to remind people of the importance of prioritizing their mental health and wellbeing. As part of her rebranding, and personal journey Elodie noted that she wanted to remove some of tens of tattoos that she has. 

At the start of this year while sharing her woes on TikTok the 27-year-old creative had this to share;

"I'm starting 2024 off with a pretty unique situation. So my boyfriend broke up with me because I did not want to sleep with him.

The apartment building that I live in is throwing me out because I have a dog and there is now a 'no pets rule,'"

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