Kamene Goro
Kiss FM Presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Kamene Goro bought a dog, Mali, who is now two years old. In an interview with Kalondu Musyimi, the Kiss  FM presenter spoke about the luxurious lifestyle Mali is experiencing.

"I bought him and everything he needed at 40K. That included his bed, food, and toys."

Kamene has in the past opened up about not wanting to get kids but describes her pet as her child at the moment.


"Mali is our child. He's so affectionate. Its good to have another person in the house"

After buying him, Kamene invited friends and family to see him at her house.

"We had guests coming over to see him, I am waiting for him to get to 1 and I will throw a birthday for him. He needs to feel loved and appreciated."


Kamene added that Mali loves her partner more as they usually spend more time.

Mali eats both his food and the food Kamene eats. He enjoys luxuries of being taken to the spa for grooming.

Check out the interview below;

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