Kamene Goro
Kiss FM Presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Kamene Goro has opened up about her new dog pet, Mali.

The dog has been with Kamene and her boyfriend for the last two months.

Speaking during an interview with Kalondu Musyimi she said


"I bought him and everything he needed at 40K."

That included his bed, food, and toys."

Why a dog?


"Cats are easier to maintain but I have always been a dog person.

I went through so many pages before I settled on Mali. He has been with me for the last 2 months, he is my child."

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"He eats our food although he has his dog food. Doing so makes him poop better.Getting a dog is something I had thought of for 2 years."

Kamene says although she is currently dating Mali keeps them busy as the couple has no kids.

"Mali like my partner more because they spend time more."

The Morning Kiss host says she won't be opening a social media page for her dog.

She terms the act psychotic, comparing it to parents who open social media pages for newborns and post on their behalf.

Kamene Goro also added that she looks r to seeing Mali get 1 year old.

"We had guests coming over to see him, I am waiting for him to get to 1 and I will throw a birthday for him.

He needs to feel loved and appreciated."

What doesn't she like about Mali?

'He poops and pees everywhere and you can't reprimand him because he is still young."

Just recently Gloria Kyallo left tongues wagging after holding a baby shower for her of.

The event was attended by her close friends.

Sandra Mbuvi also left many talking after she shared her dog's menu which many considered fancy.

During an Instagram QnA session, a curious fan asked Sandra to share with them what her dogs eat and the young lady obliged and shared on her stories a screenshot of her dogs' weekly menu from of what they have from breakfast to dinner.

The post caused a frenzy online as people couldn't believe the post. It seemed absurd that dogs were being fed fancy things such as scrambled eggs and fruits.

dog menu
Sandra Mbuvi dog menu
Kamene Goro
Kiss FM Presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram