Kamene Goro
Kiss FM Presenter Kamene Goro
Image: Instagram

Kamene Goro got herself her first dog, Mali and it hasn't been easy. The Kiss FM presenter says she's had to treat him like a child.

Explaining the experience to Obinna, Kamene said

"I put him on his bed. while I'm watching TV, I hear him, he's woken up. I was like 'you are so cute' I even took a video of him. 

That hype means he needs to release himself and I don't speak dog language so he releases himself on my carpet. "

Kamene added

"I screamed. It was big and smelly and I had to find a way of picking it up and cleaning it.

He starts eating, I get him to the balcony to relieve himself, and I stood there for one hour.

I managed to fall asleep but he wanted to play, I woke up an hour later, he had relieved himself on my bed. In the morning, he did that twice."

Obinna told Kamene that a dog's role is to be awake at night and chase after thieves. He asked Kamene to stop calling men dogs.

"Do you still want to say men are dogs? Are there similarities? Are you now willing to take it back?"

Kamene's struggle with her pet comes days after Betty Kyallo's younger sister, Gloria Kyallo threw a baby shower for her pregnant dog.

In a post that went viral, she captioned "The Girl of the hour. Cheers to celebrating every blessing. I love this girl so much. She deserves this and more!!. Congratulations to my girl Lulu on having her first litter. Beautiful decor."

Adding "My baby deserves nothing but the best!".

The dog's baby shower was attended by Gloria's close friends including her boyfriend Ken. The party was a white, gold, and pink-themed event.

Last month, a South African media personality held a lavish funeral for his dog.

Moshe Ndiki spends millions on decor, food, and funeral arrangement.