Kamene responds to Simple Boy lusting over her

Kamene Goro said she is Stevo Simpleboy's biggest fan but was shocked to learn of his proposal

Stevo simpleboy on the left, Kamene Goro on the right
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During today's Morning Breakfast show Kiss FM presenter Kamene Goro voiced her "disappointment" in her co-host regarding his recent episode on Kiss TV where he hosted musician Stevo Simpleboy and they had Kamene as the hottest topic of the show.

During the interview, Stevo Simple boy confessed his love for Kamene and asked her to leave her man for him as he would give her good loving.

Kamene talking about Obinna but in the third party started ranting about how a "certain guy" likes getting her in trouble, "Using my name on his TV show... finna always trying to get me in trouble..."


Obinna was quick to jump to his defense asking Kamene to leave him alone.

But Kamene was not having it and decided to call Obinna out on the drama that ensued over the weekend, "So you go on air and you start baiting Stevo Simpleboy...." 

But before she could even finish off her statement, Obinna cut her off again saying, " No no no Kamene I have nothing but love for you. Kama umependwa na Stevo ukipendwa pendeka. I had nothing to do with it" 


Obinna insisted before adding, " Stevo just came for an interview and we were just talking and I was like who is your celebrity crush and he was like Kamene... Kamene akona ngongingo..."

Kamene just like most of us who are not familiar with Kenyan slang was quick to ask what that word actually means and Obinna feeling cheeky left her hanging saying Ngongingo is just ngongigo.

Kamene then went on to reveal how she found out about the interview, " So yesterday morning I wake and my phone is just buzzing out of control. I go to WhatsApp and I'm tagged in groups and all that and I'm like who died?"

She then went ahead to add, "I open chats and I see Stevo Simpleboy has confessed his love for me and I'm like hold up skkrrr excuse me what?"

Obinna who at this point was laughing uncontrollably played a small clip from the interview for Kamene clearly antagonizing her some more. Adding, "Umependwa... hadi akakuimbia( you're loved, he even sang for you)"

" Stevo I'm such a huge fan of you...Freshi Barida kaka bratha but let it just stay like that. Let us remain as fans of each other," Kamene said after listening to the audio.

Before adding, "he's really not my type...I like them very tall nowadays." 

Fans who have been interested in the conversation were quick to voice their thoughts on the whole story. 

Below are a few comments: 

anastacia_wa_nduta: kamene umependwa wewe pendeka

lovelyn_josie: simple boy and kamene here we go

garnet_wallace: Kubali kupendwa hatuna time

its_theeaphid: Lit🔥🔥🔥

Mkubwajose: #kameneandobinna 😂😂kamene unamaanisha stivo atoshi mboga....bass Io stori tunafuatilia,Io ni moshene sasa

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