1date turn off
1date turn off
Immediately after a first date, we all know if we will go out with that other person or not.

What determines this decision is as a result of things your date did or didn't do.

Turn Off Turn Off Turn Off's!!!

If you meet her for the first time and think she was the one, thereafter either your calls go to direct voicemail, get declined, blue-tick texts yet she's online or her mood towards you just changes. You just got dumped on your first date. Listed below, are things you did wrong and to save your next date please note down to avoid all below;

  • Getting to the date venue late, like 30 minutes late, that's so disrespectful and no lady would want to start a relationship with a guy who cant keep time.
  •  Communication. You can't start or hold a meaningful conversation, tend to talk about yourself  too much and careless of getting to know her a little more. We get you probably like her, definitely want to impress her with all your achievements & seeing her gets you tensed up but kindly take a deep breathe and Engage thy lady let her talk too.
  • You state you want to meet up and she agrees. You take her out to a joint and after the meal, you ask her to split the bill. Clearly you had not made such arrangements with her and you called the shots on the date. It's okay to split the bill but then again boss it's the first date.
  • If you have unkempt hair. Visit a barber get a cut or shave the long hair down or buy a comb i mean it's less than a hundred bob.
  • Body odor. Invest in a deodorant kindly. First thing that follows how you dress is how you smell, little secret ladies love men who smell good it's damn attractive.
  • First date and you are overly romantic, saying all cheesy punchlines, you can't keep your hands to yourself, that's so uncomfortable & unattractive.
  • Table etiquette. How you chew your food or drink trust me it goes a long way.
  • Talking about your Ex or her Ex. Exes are not for present conversation! This should come much later when the relationship grows.
  • When a guy is always on his phone, ladies love attention.
  • Some ladies are keen to compassion and how you treat others; waiters,janitors or even beggars. To turn her off you'd have to be really rude.
  •  The more, definitely not the merrier. How do you call your boys over on your date.
  • After the date, you don't take her to get a taxi or a matatu. Be gentleman enough to show you can protect and care for a lady.
  • Guys who keep looking at their watches. If you don't have time for the date, why did you go for it in the first place?
  • When you part with the lady and less than twenty minutes later, you call to ask how the date was.  Man relax give her time and space or else you will come off desperate.
  • Wanting to take a selfie and posting it on social media.
  • Sharing your salary and bonus details doesn't make you cooler, naahh not at all.
  • Don't ask about her sexual history, his is not even a third date question. When you do it, you ask, else you don't!
  • Asking about her friends. If you saw a photo of her and her pals on social media don't question about them, could be interpreted differently either you ain't interested or simply stalker alert!!