Kennedy Rapudo with his fiance Amber Ray

Flashy businessman Kennedy Rapudo has shared some words of advice to men in relationships who openly disrespect their women or put them in positions where others can disrespect them.

The father of 3 highlighted failing to put your significant other in a pedestal was a reflection of an insecure man who priorities his needs above his family.

Rapudo, through his Instagram stories argued that a man has to do all he can in his power to ensure that the public respected his family as the disrespect does not only embarrass the woman but hurt his image as well.

"A man's constant failure to respect his woman in public isn't just a reflection of his attitude towards her but also towards himself," started off Kennedy who is currently engaged to digital content creator Amber Ray.

Finishing up the entrepreneur went on to expound on his earlier statement noting that when a man fails to protect his woman from public ridicule he exposes his immaturity.

"It's a declaration to the world that he values his own ego above her dignity and that his pride outweighs his commitment to mutual respect and equality. When he fails to publicly acknowledge her worth and contributions, he not only belittles her but also exposes his own 'insecurity and immaturity' adhum koso okadhum?" The last of his post read.

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