By now it's pretty clear that Akothee doesn't do things for free and she doesn't like it when people think that she's an easy target who can agree to anyone's demands.

If you offend her, best believe she will not let it slide and one of her followers has decided to test her, but she's not having it.

An individual inboxed her asking if she could help him/her get an American Visa. Little did they know that Akothee was ready with the right response.

She went to make it known that she doesn't chat with her fans on her inbox and all business matters are handled by her travel company.

She responded,

You are stupid I cant president people without brains , American Embassy does not recognise even the president , everyone follows the visa protocol , I can give you free visa to Rongo Idiot , who told you there is a short cut to leave kenya? if there is not even a shortcut to live in kenya , leaving it alone is a hustle, follow the right channel of getting visa, either check into a travel agency office to direct you or go to American embassy website

"The furthest @akotheesafaris can help you do is to help you organize your flight derails and accommodation , fees are paid directly to the embassy, no one is collecting visa money on behalf of the embassy , get your brains at work .then you will come back here and say I Esyher Akoth Kokeyo took your money after charting with Esther Akoth. I was not even online neither do I chat with fans on inbox , I DON'T CHAT WITH FANS ON INBOX, AND BUSINESS MATTERS ARE HANDLED BY AKOTHEE SAFARIS EMAILS."