Otile Brown and Khaligraph have proven a number of critics wrong simply by unleashing their latest music offering, Japo Kidogo.

In this single, Khaligraph has left jaws dropping on the floor, after he pulled a seamless Nyashinski - he sung with ease like he was made to be an RnB Star.

A fan, Byrian Ogonya, pointed out:

"After confirming that The OG can sing, I am now waiting to see Nyash ft OG. Singers who can both rap and sing."

It also helps that the OG can pen punchlines that aid in turning women's panties into steel. Yaani, his lyrics are panty droppers.

A female fan, Kamau Lisbeth, concurred adding:

"Kumbe Khaligraph anaweza kuwa mromantic! Damn this song is fire!!!!! This is the kind of content that i looovee! Otile lawd! I love."

Otile on the other hand has laid to rest his beef with ex-girlfriend, Vera Sidika...sort off.

The club banger will definitely be a hit on the dance floor but we couldn't help but notice this specific lyric.

Otile crooned:

"...wengine ni daraja sio makasi (Those others are not up to your grade [everyone has walked All over them], they are exaggerated."


Is that a 'chini ya maji' (shade) dig at Vera? He is not called Bad Man Shivo for no reason.

Well, they say art is how you interpret it.

All in all, Japo Kidogo, is a passionate track with catchy melody.

Meanwhile, Otile seems to have moved on. He has a new bae from Ethiopia. Her name is Nabayet, she is a bio-medical scientist.

In one Instagram post he told his haters:

"Yaani wewe na uhuni na ujanja wako wote lazima utakutana na kiboko chako. atakaye kutuliza wewe kiboko. (with all your Don Juan tendancies you meet your match. That match will tame you)."

Otile added:

Tell them I am done nimewala sana sai nimetulia sitaki mbwembwe. (Tell them, I'm not in the game anymore)."

He continued:

"Y'all leave me alone. I'm a changed man. She changed me."

Watch the video everyone is talking about below.