Willy Paul Diamond
Willy Paul Diamond
The socialite who exposed Diamond Platnumz for having a torrid affair with him behind Tanasha Donna's back has spoken out.

Not only did Queen Lynn release a photo of her in Diamond's bed, she has unleashed a video too.

This move was prompted by leaked screenshots of Whatsapp messages by Diamond to prove that she is nothing but a stalker, he was rebuffing.

Diamond angrily responded to the cheating claims saying:

"Stop making it look like I hang out with you and that you spent the night at my residence. You bought a bed similar to mine at Danube. Respect yourself and stop seeking out publicity stunt using my name."

Adding, "Since December, I have warned you to stop stalking me. I cannot cheat on my love nor do I want an relationship or affair with you. You deleted you chats out of embarrassment, now you are looking for other ways to cause drama. Have some respect."

Check out the screenshots in the link below.

"I will not fabricate chats. I will post a video,"  she said daring Diamond to post her number "for everyone to see. I can see the pressure is getting too much for you to handle."

She then points out that Diamond Platnumz has her full number and that it is not new to him, adding, "Stop lying. You have a habit of demeaning people. Who do you think you are that I want to be seen with you so bad to stalk you. Village boy!"

She went ahead and gave him permission to post her number to prove that his Whatsapp screenshots are legit.

Here is the video proving she was in Diamond's house and subsequently, his bedroom.

In the video, she is mouthing lyrics to the song about loving someone.

Queen Lynn then captions the video

"Nakupenda, unanipenda (I love you, you love me!)."