Award winning gospel star Bahati is not happy at all with his wife, Diana Marua's, decision to go to Italy.

In his reality TV show, Being Bahati, Diana broke the good news that she will be travelling to Europe.

She dropped the bombshell on Bahati during dinner, saying that she will staying with a family member. This was infront of their family friends.

Bahati was not happy. His ego was bruised because he wanted Diana to first ask him for permission before making such a decision.


And after the visitors left, Bahati told his wife to explain why she surprised him with such news. To him he felt that was a show of disrespect.

He asks Diana whether he is the husband or her brother, ''nielezee kama mimi ni bwanako ama kakako''. 

Diana tries to calm him down by explaining to his beloved husband that it is a once in a lifetime chance she can't miss.

Her pleading and grovelling falls on deaf ears because Bahati's main worry is that the daughter will be left without the mother.

Heaven Bahati is just a year old.

The couple is yet to resolve the matter.