Kamene Goro has rubbed Huddah the wrong way. Very wrong way.

So yesterday as Kamene was hanging out with her co-host Andrew Kibe and Xtian their producer she commented on Huddah's lavish lifestyle yet she has no education.

Has she been selling pudesh? A girl with standard three English owns a Range Rover and an apartment in Kileleshwa, what else have you been selling other than pudesh?

Kibe was asked to comment on what he thinks of Huddah and for the first time, he was silent. In fact, his co-host asked him if he was afraid to comment seeing as his persona as the president of the boy child requires him to call out the wrong things women do.

I don't know about Huddah. I have never really. Kamene interrupted saying, What did you think she was, a lawyer? Is she selling bitcoins?

The new KISS FM morning show team burst out in laughter as Kamene referred to Huddah as hoe-dah.

The message has reached Huddah while in the state and she is not happy. She took to social media addressing Kamene saying,

Only a  b**** unsure of her position tries to prove herself…What is understood, doesn’t need to be explained. I am never oblivious to the reality of anything in life… Playing cool doesn’t mean playing a fool… It just means I am in control of the situation… Remember a queen never comes off her throne to address a peasant

It has been a concern on how Huddah makes her money and that is how she acquired the name socialite. Many memes have been made online using her pictures where there is always an old white man at the background. Trolls claim that is the man behind all her money.

She has never addressed these allegations so it remains a rumour.

Watch what Kamene and Kibe had to say below: