I am actually at risk of losing y'all because nuance is no longer an appreciated art.

Khaligraph has been hitting the gym hard and taking photos while he still has a nice pump going. That is why he looks so yolked in the photos he has been taking at the gym. He, however, has done alot to push Kenyan men to the gym but there was a burgeoning fitness culture regardless of his efforts.

Octopizzo has indeed gone to the gym and from the photo Khali has posted, his gains are insane and they are intimidating him:


Yenyewe Roho safi Apa Siwezani manze, I give up, Nimeacha ata Kuenda Gym sasa, pizzo de King Looking swole, There is no way am Competing with That, The OG is not being Respected, Leave me Alone