Nigerian superstar Wizkid with all his fame and money and awards claims he is not all that successful.

He has been ranked as the richest Nigerian artiste which of course is one of the factors that adds up to success but this guy is behaving like those guys in high school who would cry over scoring 98% and not 100% in mathematics.

During an interview with Vanguard Nigeria, he revealed that he is yet to achieve what he would refer to as successful. His definition of success is a bit different. For him, it is the number of lives he has touched in their career.

Success is making sure that every African child out there has an opportunity to actually get ahead in life. Success, for me, is touching people’s lives.

There are a whole lot of things happening around the world. There’s poverty around the world. I will definitely like to do more. I don’t think I am successful yet, to be frank.

WizKid has come from humble beginnings. From days when he used to earn ksh70,000 for a gig to now earning millions.

The Soco hitmaker stated that the biggest challenge he faces in the music industry is piracy, adding that he would make way much more if their works were not being pirated.

Speaking on his assessment of the African music industry, he said he didn't think it would go international that fast.

I never really thought we would make the hits we are making right now. Things have changed immensely in the last couple of years.

As we speak Wizkid is among the few who were chosen to be in Beyonce's album, The Gift and Burna Boy who is also Nigerian has made to the Jimmy Kimmel stage.

Afro-pop is being recognized worldwide which has opened an opportunity for West African music.