Otile Brown is on his entrepreneurial tip. He is done begging Nabayet to take him back and though he is still working on hid music, he is also focused on diversifying his income streams and there is nothing as empowering as seeing young men make money and Otile Brown is all about his business.

He recently launched a shoe store and he has now set his eyes on getting involved in the fashion industry by launching a haute couture company.

And the name of the company for Otile Brown's bespoke suits brand is called OB Men's Clothes Line. And so it is that Otile Brown took to his social media accounts to announce his new business and advertise some of the dapper suits he has in store that men can select from and in a variety of colours.

Problem is, Otile Brown seems to have over estimated the financial clout of his social media followers because as soon as he announced the pricing of the suits, his IG was set ablaze by the sarcastic comments of his fans.

Otile Brown, however, is not playing about is pricing as the suits are priced from between 20K to 50K. That is 20,000 Kshs! Check out how all that madness played out in Otile Brown's IG account:

You can get this cargo suit outfit in different colors at 20,000kshs. You can wear with sneakers or boots. For inquiries follow  and contact the number in bio!   song by 

Brother be doing everything, modelin for my own ish 🤦‍♂️ 🤣 .Get this african monochrome outfit or in different colors/pattern at 25000ksh only . On   New music - next week inshaallah

If you know you know 😊you can get a suit like this or in any color you prefer for only 70,000ksh -  suits-starting price -40000   

You can now get a suit like this for only 40,000ksh in any color or design you want . Don’t wear a fake fabric because of lack of knowledge “if” you can afford a legit suit. Follow my online clothing line  which i have started because of demand from my male fans . You can place an order on anything you fancy/like (from what i wear) then somebody will come and take your measurements wherever you’ll be at, be it a shirt/suit/pants. The orders will be ready within 4 days! .. unique classy designs coming up on my online  page