Kenyans do not forget and they do not forgive. And the one person who has learnt this and probably also learnt to stick to his lane is Bahati. Bahati was instrumental in getting the young voters on the side of Jubilee.

He was one of the artistes they tapped into for the sake of getting the youth invigorated for the upcoming elections. Bahati was very energetic in this endeavour and would pull all the stops to get the crowd amped up and ready for the politicians to feed them their schpill.

An now that King Kaka is trending courtesy of his recently released spoken word song/ poem, Wajinga Nyinyi.

Perhaps Bahati has been inspired to see the error of his ways or perhaps he just saw an opportunity to get into the "top of the mind" position by jumping onto the King Kaka bandwagon but he was very wrong to think Kenyans wouldnae react.

Bahati became the lightning rod of Kenyans wrath on twitter and this is how that situation played out: