Gengetone has officially taken over not just in Kenya but slowly making it abroad.

Matata, a crew based in Oslo, Norway, has been trending after the release of their second big song, Mare Mare. Made up of five men, Freddy Milanya, Festus Mwenda, Richard Mathu, Marcus Ojiambo and Ken Kimthey they have decided the Gengetone fever will not leave them behind.

Two months ago, they released a song, Denge that got Kenyans wondering who are these dop men out here doing the most? The song is all in sheng and they are not mistaking any word. Some of their lyrics are even in Kikuyu and the dancing in that song is very odi.

Compared to the other gengetone artistes, their first video was HD with girls who have well-done makeup and professional dancers. If you are keen you will notice Freddy was part of the FBI dancers a while back. Now you know why the choreography in those songs is perfect.

Despite the fact that they are in Norway, they have chosen not to forget where they came from by embracing gengetone and making it popular abroad. Their second song is what got the attention of many Kenyans yesterday.

Matata announced their homecoming as summer bunnies so best believe this December just went a notch higher when it comes to enjoyment. Clearly the slogan Gengetone to the world is taking over.
Meet the Norway gengetone artistes below: