Willy Paul has made it clear he is secular artiste by becoming a brand ambassador for alcohol.

He was once a constant topic of debate, with his fanbase and haters wondering where he falls in the entertainment spectrum. He has never really said he is officially a secular artiste, but his songs suggest so.

Poze released pictures of his first 2020 project, and other than the semi-naked women, he is now a brand ambassador for alcohol. In the pictures, you can see him holding a bottle of William Lawson.

He will now be placing the product in any project he releases in order to be paid. The shift is working for him because he gained so much publicity that translated to more followers.

Willy Paul has increased his fanbase to Tanzania after collaborating both romantically and musically with Nandy, a celebrated bongo star.

He posted the pictures and in one post, he captioned it, "They asked for some wine, I gave them the mzinga! "

The product is advertised on the pictures. And on the other post, he captioned it, "Walijaribu kufunga tukafungua!! They ain’t ready for this…"

All his posts now read, #mylifemyrules.

When called for a comment, he said he is an artiste and he is helping in promoting the alcohol.