Are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner using Stormi as an excuse to get together?

Just recently the two celebrated their daughter's birthday by holding a luxurious party dubbed 'Stormi world'

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott separated sometime in October last year. They have recently been seen to grow closer than a usual broken-up couple. They have been described to be in 'good terms' and are co-parenting their little girl.

Kylie decided that she would not leave out Travis from the family's major holidays and the girl's birthdays.

Kylie seems to be glad that Travis is involved in Stormi's life. that they get to spend family events as a complete family. They seem to be in good terms. Kylie has since referred to their relationship at the moment as 'normal'.

To these two, Stormi is their first priority. But there is slight hearsay that these two may in a way be using their little bundle of joy to get together and see each other.

Everyone is wondering if they are ever getting back together. With all these meetups and get-togethers, they seem to be fuelling a reunion. They seem to be going with the flow.

But when is it happening, the suspense is killing!

They care for each other, no lie, and getting back together is probably inevitable. If co-parenting is just an excuse to get together, why not just go ahead and get back together.

They both love Stormi and probably still love each other. they ought to give it another try.