The Coronavirus pandemic  might have instilled fear, desperation and some sense of panic among Kenyans but looks like Kamene's sister might be a quick but temporaly fix. At least for team mafisi.

On Sunday afternoon, the sassy breakfast presenter decided to brighten the moods of her followers, by posting a photo of herself alongside her beautiful baby sister.

Kamene who had never introduced her sister to the world before, chose the caption; 'To the best thing in my  whole world!!!' caption to do so.

Check out the photo below ;

This however, got some of her followers flat footed with one of them thinking Kamene plays for the other team.

He wrote; Aaai Kamene kwani ww ni l3sbian not in a bad way.

She was not taking none of it and quickly responded; "That's my sister! so ignorant!"

Another curious fan, Tracy who obviously could not help but see the resemblance between the two also wrote; "This could be your sister"

The post also happened to be the perfect distraction for team mafisi who called upon Kamene to tag her sissy since they were ready to risk it all for her.

Check out some of their comments;

Junior: Yaani hata huwezi mtag...

ramadhan: Mlizaliwa mliumbwa???

spector: Aaah nice ju ya hiyo story ubebe huyu kesho pale juu kwa njoro tushike breko pamoja

Allero; Eyyyy your faces too pretty make up can't make you

Danco: Pretty ones

mutso:  Sweet smiles resides in sweet people souls..stay safe fam

Mogulin: Wewe menje through pass