Two days ago, Lagos State Government health officials revealed that there was a case of COVID-19 at the Africa Movie and Video Choice Awards ceremony, which was held recently.

Kenyan actor Pascal Tokodi and media personality Amina Rabar were there.

Anyone flying into Kenyan is required to go into self quarantine for 14 days.

Pascal adhered to that but things became serious after details of the person tested positive for coronavirus, were revealed.

The story broke out and Pascal was forced to address his fans during his daily Instagram Live sessions.

Pascal, how are you? I hear you're at risk of contacting Covid-19 after attending the AMVCA's

Holding a guitar, he looked down and gave his fans assurance.

"I have to address this before it gets out of hand. As you have heard one guy from the AMVCA’s was infected by Coronavirus which makes all of us at risk. This is my 10th day in quarantine and as you can see, I am okay. I am okay but on the 14th day of the quarantine, I’ll go for more test but for now, I am perfectly okay. Amen? But remember to pray for the 27 in Kenya and the thousands in the world." Pascal said.

Tokodi was grateful to his fans who were concerned about his health and well being. What sucks for him is he went for the award show, scoop an award but his parents haven't seen him. They haven't given him that affection after making them and the whole Kenyan entertainment industry proud.

We at Kiss 100 applaud Pascal for his good work and also pray after the results of the test, all will be well for him.