tanashadonna's story on Instagram, uploaded 28.03.2020, 9.25 GMT
tanashadonna's story on Instagram, uploaded 28.03.2020, 9.25 GMT
Tanasha Donna alerted her followers that she will be going live on Instagram and you definitely know people were going to tune in for some tea.

Contrary to what the world is advocating, she is not practicing social distancing together with her friends. The likes of Brack Jacuzzi and Shaq were in the house turning up with some of her family and friends.

Within the first few minutes of going live, Tanasha had over 5000 people viewing her and guess what, most were Tanzanians. So many people in the comment section kept telling her to speak in Swahili so that they could understand.

She asked her followers to ask a questions in the first 15 minutes of her live video. Most asked her music plans and why she is not releasing music.

"I am not releasing music because I don’t think it’s time to entertain people during this pandemic going on in the world. But I have collaborations with a big Nigerian artiste that you know and another big international artiste so let us just wait." Tanasha said.

She went on to add that this coming week will be a big week for her.

Big things are happening in my life, I just got a house And I am moving in next week.

I am so grateful to God for what he’s doing in my life. Great things are coming my way and next week you’ll see what I am talking about.

Here is a video of her houses:

The question then started all becoming about Diamond and she tried to swerve them without being rude. So she decided to ask her followers to request songs and she will play for them on YouTube in the background.

Tanasha thought she was playing smart but it got worse. Now people started requesting for Diamond's song, Jeje or her collaboration with him, Gere.

"Y’all are boring right now! Y’all need to entertain me. You are all requesting the same damm song! You’re failing. Stop asking for my songs coz it’s weird listening to myself" She shouted

All this time she told us she is trying to go live with Eric Omondi, Diamond's very close ally. It didn't happen that easily the first time, so she decided to end the live at over 6,100 people viewing

Over 6100 people. She got so pissed she ended the video and wanted to start afresh so that I get to Eric. She had over 360 requests to go live with me.

She ended the live then got a hold of comedian Eric Omondi on the live. The first thing we saw from his side is a certain lady sprinting away just when the camera went on. At least we know Eric has a quarantine partner.

He asked Tanasha why she is in a house with so many people after complimenting her look. According to Tanasha, she has been with them for the last month so she is almost sure they are Covid-19 free.

You can never be too sure so just stay home and practice social distancing and wash your hands regularly with soap and running water.