Girls, pull your stool closer!

We all know that Kenyans are sports enthusiasts, not forgetting our gallant sportsmen/women, who put us on the world map. Well, certain sports enthusiasts have caught my attention, and boy will they leave mafisilets thirsting. I'm talking about male sports anchors.

Apart from the mere fact that these lads grace our screens daily, to me they seem to be giving lasses sleepless night. They say looks are a bonus for news anchors, and that I must agree with. But have you ever thought of just how much attention from their female audience these lads attract?

Here's my list of male sports anchors who are the definition of hot and sexy;

Edmond Nyabola

He has the looks! Edmond is one lad who makes lasses anxiously wait to watch his Saturday afternoon sports show, not because they follow sports but just to thirst over his looks.

Nick Mudimba

The ever glamourous sports anchor on BambaTV is one lad to die for. Have you noticed how trendy his clothes are? He is even more ravishing in person. Trust me I see him at work everyday and he does leave many heads turning.

Watson Karuma

Watson attracts a massive following of female fans. You must be asking why, look below and see how his charming looks attracts the kind of mad love he gets from female adoring fans.

Waihiga Mwaura

He might be married to one of the celebrated singers Joyce Omondi but won't stop team mafisilets from salivating over him. I can only imagine how many shed tears when he walked down the aisle.

Bernard Ndong

I must agree he is one private person. Ndong has graced our TV screens for the longest time now and his gorgeous looks keep astonishing many. Let's just agree the guy is well blessed with looks.