Khaligraph Jones is on that vibe for releasing hit after hit during this quarantine period. No time to slack.

The OG dropped a teaser like he always does before releasing a track and this one caught the attention of many because of some of the lyrics in his song.

Khali is ranked best rapper in Kenya and this is because when it comes to his lyrics, he hits them hard.

"Being a celebrity you have to sacrifice. You apologize to people you have not offended (preach). If you are soft-hearted they will say it is biased. If you are hard-hearted you just have to get used to it. They will abuse you so that you get mad and then they laugh at you. Too much gossip and when you fall they kick you. Being a celebrity will cost you a lot because once they know you it is a problem. 

When Bahati started, he was known as a mothers child but now KOT has made him Diana's (his girlfriend's) child. There is no mercy." Khali rapped

Bahati has now become a meme and is trending once again.

Truth be told, social media trolls can give someone too much pressure to quit. Last week we saw Mulamwah quit though he is back, Bahati closing down EMB Records, Weezdom quitting gospel industry.